Account problems

When I log in, the main window is displayed.
From the atmosphere left menu:

  1. I do not have access to the account coordinates in the bottom left button.

  2. The project creation button (star topology button) is not visible.

Thank you!

Hi , thank you for considering Atmosphere IoT.

Could you kindly provide more details in a private message to me?

  • Account email-address
  • Browser
  • Operating System

Thank you.


My e-mail:

Browser: Google Chrome

Operating System: Windows 10

Thank you for your help!

joi, 27 mai 2021, 20:55 ae-atmosphereiot via Atmosphere IoT Developer <> a scris:

Thank you for the information,

We have identified the problem, and are working on a solution.
I am to provide a working solution in the near future (next week or so)

Your issues should be resolved by then.

Kind regards.

Hi ,

Please try signing up on our platform again, and refrain from using a company name that exceeds 80 characters.

Thank you