Activate Buzzer

I am new to IoT development :).
I’m trying to activate the buzzer with a button press from the Application interface but can’t get it working.
I tried everything with my limited knowledge but can’t get it working.
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a simple solution or advice on how to trigger buzzer with a button press?

@sniperiz - Some things that are typically helpful for answering questions here.

  1. What platform
  2. Is the buzzer built in or wired in - pictures of your setup can help immensely.
  3. Attach your .atmo file - this actually answers 1&2, so maybe I should have led with that. : )
    Have you watched the Introduction series of Videos?
    I don’t recall doing a buzzer, but GPIO and LED for sure.


  1. Rapid IoT device
  2. Built-in buzzer
    Can’t add files at the moment (new user).

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m very new to IoT devices :slight_smile:


Give this demo a shot. It’s a basic demo that will toggle the buzzer when you press the top right button on the Rapid IoT kit. To debug your own demo, I would compare your triggers and abilities with this one. You can also upload your .atmo file to pastebin or github and post the link here – it’s just a JSON file really.
Buzzer Demo.atmo (362.1 KB)