Analog Meter values


I am using an Analog Meter in the Application view. I am passing values from a Slider element. Does the Analog Meter only display integer values? I can set non-integer values in the properties but they display as if they are being rounded up to the nearest integer. The Slider doesn’t have an issue producing the non-integer values.

Here is an excerpt of the meter properties from the .atmo file:
“visible”: true,
“value”: “1.7”,
“minValue”: “0.4”,
“maxValue”: “3.0”


@ralphjy - I have duplicated your issue and submitted a JIRA ticket. The same is true in the Device Widget, so I think there is an underlying issue for both. In this sample project I set the Slider Stepping value to 0.1 in the Slider Properties (click on the element to see Properties) and if you hit the “Play” button (Execute App) in the App View you can see the Label follows it exactly, but the Meter doesn’t.
Slider to Meter.atmo (6.2 KB)