Arduino with rapid iot prototyping kit

Can I connect arduino uno to atmosphere cloud? If yes then how?

@Ayush - what connectivity would you like to use with the Uno? Arduino is on our roadmap, but it will be a while before you could build a project directly for Arduino.

You can find all of our documentation in the Developers Hub -

Then how do I connect arduino indirectly
Actually I want to connect rapid iot prototyping kit to arduino uno how do I do that?

@Ayush - again, connect how? Are you talking about wiring them together, or do you want to use BLE on the Rapid IoT to connect to a BLE Shield on the Uno?

I want to get sensor value of rapid iot prototyping kit to arduino uno by ble


The RapidIoT kit is just a BLE Peripheral. If you have an Arduino Uno with a BLE Shield, you should be able to easily connect to the RapidIoT kit and read the relevant characteristics. In the Atmosphere Studio, you can see/set the UUID of the BLE Characteristics on the RapidIoT Kit. Therefore, you will know which characteristics refer to which, and you can read them from your Uno.

What is your hardware setup? Do you have a BLE shield for your Arduino Uno?


Not currently but I am planning to buy hm-10 ble module