Atmosphere features

can atmosphere be used on your own projects using hardware not listed on partners ?

@socie - thanks for the question. Atmosphere has built the SDK for specific project types into the tool, so that when you create a project, and compile it, it is compiled against the chip manufacturer’s SDK. You could use it to create an ESP32 project and run it on your custom ESP32 board, but you would need to doublecheck the pins for any peripherals you used, as they would be mapped to the Dev kit associated with the Project type you built for. I hope that helps.

Ok thanks for your reply.

So, can you use Atmosphere on custom hardware that use say mpu STM32F4 series of ARM Cortex M4 from ST ?

@socie - You could create a project for the L476 and export it. You would then have to tweak the code just like you would if you started in CubeIDE for one processor and wanted to port it to another. Thanks