Bluetooth Smart Development Kit

I’ve had a Bluetooth Smart Development Kit, offered by Anaren, sitting on the shelf for awhile, on a whim, decided to see what it could do.

Trouble is, it does nothing. I follow the QS guide, and the minimal info I found here: but can’t get anywhere…app doesn’t see it, can’t create a project in the development tool, etc.

I found this: Develop an app with module A20737 which suggests all support has been removed.

So is this board I have sitting here a totally useless object, or can I still work with it via the Atmosphere platform? My sense is, what I really have a a nice lightweight paperweight, and not much more.

@Don - When Anaren decided to End of Life the 20737 module, we also decided not to support it in Atmosphere. If you look at the list of project types in the New Project section you can see the hardware that is currently supported.

You can still program the 20737 using the Wiced SDK, just not in Atmosphere.

Thanks. Based on the one forum post I found, I assumed it was no longer supported in Atmosphere. I’ll give the Wiced SDK a look.

Wiced Smart (but not, Wiced Studio, as I discovered) can be used to talk to the EVK.

Thanks for your guidance and assistance with sorting this out.