Can do BLE, but not WIFI

How do I do this with WIFI and not BLE?light onoff works.atmo (18.7 KB)

I’m not understanding how to use the icons and their various settings. Is there some detailed description that I’m missing? The sample projects are great, but don’t make it clear about all the options available, when to use them and when not to.

I downloaded the file attached that I found in a post from a year ago, changed the parameters some to work with my Huzzah32 board from Adafruit and it works fine, but only with BLE. So then I thought, just turn off bluetooth on my iPhone6+ in order to force it to work over WIFI, but when I add the device on the app in the iPhone, I get a message that says it’s not going to work without the bluetooth connection.

I asked Adafruit about it, but they have no comment for me (no reply). Is this a Huzzah hardware/firmware problem? Should I wait for a fix, or should I buy a different module?

WiFi Cloud Command.atmo (15.6 KB)

If you use a terminal program you can watch the debug output from the ESP32 to see if it’s throwing any errors. One thing to also remember is that the ESP32 doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi it only does 2.4GHz

I tried to get some help from Adafruit. Brent Rubell said it’s Atmosphere’s problem and then locked me out of the conversation. I’ll try again at Adafruit.