Can not login RAPID IOT APP


I’m trying to login Atmosphere Studio using ‘NXP RAPID IOT’ APP on iPad(iOS 13.4.1).
However , when I clicked APP icon then soon after the Login screen appears, ‘No connection detected. Restart the app and try again’(RELOAD APP) screen appears.
I even can not login from APP(RAPID IOT) except loggin in from Web page: .

Rapid IOT firmware version: 0af3910
Branch: production-nxp

  • What you call, ‘Rapid IoT Kit Out-of-Box Demo’

Moreover really strange is that my Account setting Overview says:
General Usage
Devices Connected 5

Cloud Storage 0.00B

I can not do ‘ADD DEVICE’ because Device in range shows no device, either.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

We have discontinued support for the NXP Rapid IoT Studio along with the companion mobile app. Please download the Atmosphere IoT App instead and sign up for a free account at to use your Rapid IoT Kit from NXP with our software.

To experience the out of box demo working with the Atmosphere IoT Studio you will need to select the “Rapid IoT Kit Out-of-Box Demo” from our example projects area and install the resulting firmware onto the kit. Once you’ve flash the RIOTK with the resulting firmware from Studio you’ll be able to provision your device using the Atmosphere IoT App.


I have already tried exactly the same way what you instructed me.
It seems a burden for your company to support this gadget and I don’t want waste my time on this.