Cannot provision NXP Rapid IoT

I am trying to connect to my NXP IoT Kit from Atmosphere up but I am getting “An error occurred while provisioning device” message when I tap at my device in the list. I am not sure what it means. I have compiled the project in Atmosphere IDE and flashed the device by copying firmware to device’s volume in MacOS.

I have IoT Agent installed but the IDE does not see my device at all. IoT agent reports that it’s running (it opens a webpage when I click on ‘Status’) I tried both Chrome and Safari. I do see COM port when I connect my device using an USB Cable.


Are you trying to provision over BLE or over UART? One common reason you’ll see that message is if you have hit your device limit in Atmosphere. Free users are limited to 5 devices at once.

UART provisioning is only available for the Rapid IoT kit via the Docking Station. We have not yet implemented UART Provisioning over the USB port directly on the kit.


Hi Nick,

I actually tried both - BLE and UART. Thank you for explaining why UART did not work. The provisioning error I saw when I was trying to use BLE on my phone (iOS). I see the board in the list of the available devices but provisioning fails. This is the only board I have on Atmosphere platform, so I don’t think the device limit is the problem. I do see that I have no cloud storage available (0.00B), I thought it should be 10MB?

The app screenshot:

No cloud storage available? Would you mind sending a screenshot? That’s an interesting one.

What may be helpful is if you can get a log dump via uart as you provision over BLE. You can connect to the rapid iot kit at 115200 baud using Putty or the terminal emulator of your choice.

Let me know if you need help doing that.


Hi Nick,

Here is the screenshot:

And below is the log dump:

Welcome to minicom 2.7.1

Compiled on Sep 18 2017, 15:01:35.
Port /dev/cu.usbmodem000000011, 09:28:11

Press Meta-Z for help on special keys

Error opening file ble_enabled
Error opening file thread_enabled

GATTServerCharacteristicCccdWrittenIndicationGetting char for CCCD handle 1B
Handle: 09 Notifications: 1 Indications: 0
Setting device name: P8762
Setting service uuid 35ca6a70-5eb2-405b-8f61-19036bccead6
Setting advertised UUID: 35ca6a70-5eb2-405b-8f61-19036bccead6
Starting advertising
Error opening file ble_enabled
Error opening file thread_enabled

Not sure what these errors mean.

Thanks for the screenshot and log @mikeb. Someone will get back to you soon.

@mikeb - we reset your storage and it’s at 10 MB now. Please try again.


What I am not seeing here is any BLE communication with the Rapid IoT Kit. You tried to provision while you were capturing this log?


Hi Richard and Nick,

I see that the storage was added (10 MB per device, 50MB total), and I was able to provision the device. Thank you for your help!

@Nick, yes I was provisioning the device when the log was captured. The messages I saw appeared exactly at the moment of provisioning, the device was silent before and after.

I still don’t see any data uploaded, but I need to understand how the platform works better, I will look into that later.

Thanks again for resolving the issue with provisioning.