Create a New Project: PROJECT TYPE:- NXP Rapid IoT not found

Hello Sir,
Thank you for providing platform to seek advice from you experts!
Recently I have purchased NXP Rapid IoT kit.
Now I am going through the instructions provided in ATMOSPHERE’s Developers help: ‘Getting Started with NXP Rapid IoT’
I have an ATMOSPHERE account and I have downloaded the Atmosphere IoT app on my Android phone.
Now I want to Create a New Project. But initially I struggled to identify Atmosphere Studio ICON from side menu but it was not visible. When I went through one of the forums, it recommended to Refresh the page & it appeared after refreshing.
To Create a New Project, when I clicked “+” button then I am not able to find project type as NXP Rapid IoT in the project type selection drop down box.
Please help how to get project type as NXP Rapid IoT!!

We have enabled the Rapid IoT Project type on the instance of the server now. It is also available at NXP’s own Rapid IoT Studio at

Thank you very much Mr. Kieron for the prompt reply.
We are very happy that NXP Rapid IoT is been added for selecting project type.
I have also gone through the suggested NXP’s own Rapid IoT Studio for creating my first project!

Santosh Bhat

@santoshbhat - you will need to use the Rapid IoT Studio at

Thank you sir!