Device not found PWM Pin

i am trieng to use a slider in the App to control the duty cicle for a led.
First i had problems setting up two pwms and then it somehow funktioned. But now i cant get the 3d one working… the only real problem is that i cant find the device with the bluetooth… how can i add the device via usb on my Pc because there it also dosnt show…

i am using windows 10 and the psoc 6 proto kit.
tera term shows me this output when i reset :
÷ÿÿÓÿþ,ûþíöÛÈüÿ¸ÿñÿÿúÿÿÂÿx¿6v~?ö¿36>?666&"66&fb6$BD Type: QSPIF
Size: 0
Mounting filesystem…OK
Stored Build UUID: 9e85d32b-999c-48da-b209-99ef009d9607
Current Build UUID: dab525eb-27d0-4ca0-9f83-eafaefafa9d8
Error opening file ota_complete
Uuid Match 0 Boot After OTA: 0
Wiping Flash
Wiping Flash
Initializing config opts
Saving project UUID
Saving build UUID
Saved build UUID project UUID
Error opening file registrationInfo
Error reading registration from FS. Clearning

QÂ á
l"- ) æ0

thanks for the help in advance.

Well i found the problem,
i am not sure yet why this is the problem but i needed to reduce the frequency (i set it to 100 from the default 1000) and this solved the issue. I hobe this will help someone with the same problem :slight_smile:

For BLE discovery, are you using an Android phone or iOS? We have had lots of difficulty with certain Android phones discovering Cypress kits over BLE.

For adding via UART, make sure you don’t have TeraTerm or any other terminal emulator program open and connected at the same time. Some weird characters coming up are normal during boot. At one point during boot, we change the debug UART baud rate from mbed’s default (all of our boards run at 115200), and it causes some odd characters to display for a second.