Hi all,
I am testing ESP32 on atmosphere IoT Beta.
I can flash my project on ESP32-WROOM but the project does not run:
(no Bluetooth and no GPIO)
Then I flash the same code on Espressif ESP-WROVER-KIT .GPIO is blinking and BLE is active.
I attached pictures of both ESP32 kits.

We test against the ESP32-WROOM for standard ESP32 support, we have specific project types that are for other form factors of development kit with the ESP32-WROOM. We would need you to export your ATMO project file and post it to be able to look into why you are having this specific issue.

Thanks Kieron,
I put 3 GPIO for leds.

Hi all,
I take a look into zip file generated by atmosphere beta.
My interest is only to know why the project does not run on some versions of esp32 devkitc.
So I compared the sdkconfig I use with the version generated by the tool. I need to disable the brownout detector when I developed using native code
Check section 3.4 of this espressif document: