Esp8266 question


Hello guys, i have a question related to esp8266 nodemcu (esp12f)
i have that dev board and i was wondering if it’s possible to use it on the cloud to read a photoresistor voltage and show it on cloud and control 2 leds.
I’ve managed to create a aplication to read the data from a json file hosted on my web server but i have no option to use that project and show it under a link or something, i also control the leds via web server(esp it’s actiong as a slave to json file)
I didn’t found any firmware for esp8266 to add it as device on cloud
Thank you



@kyme32 - we don’t have support for ESP8266 as a project type in Atmosphere. We do support ESP32 on both BLE and WiFi in several form factors.



thank you for clearing my doubts, is there any way to show what’s created under project/aplication under a webpage without needing to login and press play under that page?
this is my project and it works if i press play under aplication page, but it can’t be showed under a public page?New Project.atmo (13.2 KB)
thank you