Exporting progect source


In the documentation it states that exporting a project provides the source code, firmware files, and atmo file. Currently if I export a custom or example project I am only given the .atmo file. Which if is a package file my archiver doesn’t recognize the format. My goal is to import the project source into MCUXpresso IDE for Rapid IoT to get a better understanding / functionality as the online source Code Editor window is difficult to use, lacking features like search and syntax highlighting and being in a small window frame.



@jjacques - are you using the “Export Project” button in the Studio Main page, or the “Download” button in the App view of the project you want the source files for? The Download button is next to the Program Firmware button. You will need to have compiled the project or you will get a warning that there aren’t any source files yet.


That was it, thank you. I wasn’t clear on the difference between export and download.