Getting Client Agent to work with Firefox

The Atmosphere IoT Agent provides a locally hosted server that allow the Atmosphere IoT Studio to connect to it on your local PC so that it can do things like query programmable devices and execute programming those devices. There is a issue with Firefox however where it blocks communicating with the Atmosphere IoT Agent because it’s using a self signed certificate to encrypt it’s traffic.

To solve this you just need to navigate your browser to the URL https://localhost:50287/. You will then be told that the “Your connection is not secure”. What you’ll want to do is click the “Advanced” button then press the “Add Exception” and then click “Confirm Security Exception”. Once you have done that you can simply leave that site and then refresh the site and you should now be able to program your devices and utilize the features of the Atmosphere IoT Agent such as programming and connecting to BLE devices on your PC.

In our next version we will provide these instructions in a pop-up dialog if we detect that you need to add a security exception to connect to the Atmosphere IoT Agent.


Prior to ordering my esp32 I was able to login to atmosphere website; click projects and select my device. I just received my esp32 and can’t figure out for the life of me how to get the atmosphere IDE. If I login; all I get is a blank page asking about widgets. I’ve tried the using https://localhost:50287/ on several browsers and several computers; yes I did disable security permissions. Please tell me what i’m doing wrong