Getting time value for Rapid IoT


The EmbeddedSystemStatusDisplay page in the OOB demo gets an updated time value when the BLE is provisioned. I have not been able to figure out how this is done. Can someone point me to the code? Also are there any other examples that use the PCF2123 RTC component?



Please reference the DateTime API, you can use this to get date/time information. You can find that here

Also you can reference a similar thread here on Hackster. I’ve attached the same Demo here.

DisplayTime.atmo (377.0 KB)


Thanks Nick.

The example and the referenced thread were what I needed. I had seen that thread before, but I think I had my view collapsed (only showing newer posts) so I missed the meat of the discussion. It should have occurred to me that the API was handling the RTC
directly but it is somewhat confusing because it appears you can use an external RTC also.

I know others might disagree but I think that would be useful example to include in the Studio project examples. A feature suggestion - allow the examples to be filtered or sorted by type (ESP32, Rapid IoT, etc).

I think once I get the hang of this IDE I’ll try it with the ESP32. The overall concept is great.


Ralph - if you click on the Type, you should see the Examples sorted by Platform. You can click again to sort in the other direction. The example list is growing (and will continue to grow as we add new Platforms) so having ways to sort will be even more important in the future. Look for two new Platforms in mid-March.