Hacking CYBT-213043 with Atmosphere IoT

I have bunch of these CYBT-213043-MESH boards, which I got for free during a contest. Although these board are primarily intended for Bluetooth Mesh applications, I wanted to see if I can use these for BLE based sensing with Atmosphere IoT.

Voila, these unofficial boards are programmable as officially supported board CYW920819evb-02, since both of these have the same silicon BLE chip onboard !

Follow these instructions to get yours working :-

Here are 2 working example projects with Thermistor on ADC based temperature sensor, Raw 12 bit ADC reading and LED control from app

CYBT213043_Temp_Sens_LED_Control.atmo (1.9 MB)

CYBT213043_ADC.atmo (86.6 KB)

What worked so far :
Programming, BLE App, Cloud Monitoring Works (same as CYW920819evb-02,)
Onboard RGB LED’s Green & Blue LEDs Work (WICED_P03 & WICED_P04 as GPIO)
Breakout pins WICED_P12 and WICED_P13 works as ADC

What does not work so far :
RED LED and User Switch on pin WICED_P06 and WICED_P26 does not work
On Board Ambient Light Sensor on I2C pins does not work
On Board Thermistor Temperature sensor does not work, but I rerouted the thermistor
and connected to WICED_P12 and WICED_P13, and it worked (see schematic Below)

This is the app ( available in Atmo file attached above)

Sending Data to the cloud :

Rerouting the on board thermistor NCP15XV103 :

If you don’t want to destroy traces on the board, you can use generic 10k thermistor instead, which gives reading with in +/- 0.5 C of NCP15XV103

I hope Atmosphere Team will do some magic and add official support for this board !
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This board is on our roadmap. It is very very similar to the CYW20819 eval board, as you have already discovered.


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Update : I actually got the PWM and push button working too.

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