How to connect using Bluetooth to a device other than the mobile app?

I have an ST SensorTile that I would like to use to send sensor data to my computer running Debian Linux. I already have a python script that allows me to successfully read data from the SensorTile when it is running the default firmware it comes with out of the box, however, I can’t figure out how to create an Atmosphere project that lets me read data using the same script. Is this possible or is Bluetooth communication configured in Atmosphere limited to communication with the Atmosphere mobile app?

@gricholas - sorry for the long delay. Yes, you can. All the services and characteristic uuids are there in studio. You can connect to the device and read/write them however you want. This is a more advanced way to connect, but it sounds like you already have it working with the original fw, so you will just need to be sure you are using the correct UUIDs.