Issues Finding ST SensorTile

I am trying to connect the ST SensorTile to Atmosphere IDE, I have the ST-Link and SensorTile appear on the com-port and has the mass storage of 1Mb. I am using the nucleo-F030R8 to program the SensorTile. when I try to add the device under the find device feature it does not see any devices available. If someone could add some clarity or if anyone has any additional information please let me know.

thank you.

@Senior9 - When you program your device it completes the process, correct? When you go to the Mobile App and go to the Devices section and then click on the Find Devices icon in the upper right corner, nothing shows up in the Provisioner? - Find Devices won’t find anything if you haven’t provisioned the device yet. If you haven’t watched the Intro video yet, it may help you -