Let's talk about new Price plans!

I started my Atmosphere journey at the end of last year. I was really happy to see the pricing plans back then. Both professional plan @ 25-30$ and Small Business plan @ 100-130$ were very lucrative. I was considering to buy some plans and do some IoT solution businesses after learning to work with this awesome platform.

Current plans are way to expensive. I understand that you guys have worked hard to make this platform, there are costs associated with cloud storage and everyone needs to make a living !

But, if it’s possible please bring back those small scale deploy-able pricing plans once again.

Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback! Our latest pricing can be found here: https://atmosphereiot.com/pricing/ .
Any individual user can sign up for an Atmosphere IoT Studio account and register up to 5 devices for free, with cloud storage included. For other customers of ours who are OEMs or Systems Integrators who want to manage pilots/trials or actual commercial deployments of connected devices, and involve a team of people, we offer Atmosphere IoT Central, which starts at $495/month. This is used by people who mainly have a finished IoT device (they are done with the “development” phase inside Studio) and are ready to “deploy” devices either by selling them to their customers or, if it’s an internal project, to instrument and monitor their own assets. We previously offered single user “Pro” plans but dropped it because of lack of demand.
If you have a particular need or use case that doesn’t fit in between our current offerings, please contact us at sales@atmosphereIOT.com and we can explore other possibilities. Thank you for your interest in Atmosphere!

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Thank you. My clients are mainly individuals who belongs scientific research communities or small agricultural/industrial firm owners. So the need for connected devices will not be more than 25. With the old plans, I could have given an estimate for the projects cost (Hardware + IoT + Cellular + Installation/Service) to my clients. But now … it’s uncertain !

Ok, I will contact the sales when I get a deal.