Mathematical operation

I have to do some mathematical operation (ex. division, power), which element should I use?

Thank you

@Mario - there is a Mathematical Operation Element.
Give that one a try. Thanks

Thanks @svenrichard svenrichard for your answer.

I have tested the Mathematical Operation Element but I have some problems…

for example, If I divide the sensor value, on display I get an integer not a float (ex. 59655 / 100 = 596 not 596.55)…do you have any suggestions?

Yes, you can use the Type Conversion element to convert the element to a float before doing the division. The Mathematical Operation Element will do the math in the same type as the input. So, if you input an integer, it will do integer division.

Using the Type Conversion element, you can convert the input to a float before sending it to the Mathematical Operation element.

Hope this helps!


With Type Conversion element and Mathematical Operation Element I succeeded in performing the mathematical operation.

Thanks @nick.crast @svenrichard