More flexible texts displays?


I’m trying to make a flexible way to display a bunch of data to the user, and I’m having real trouble with the existing displays. The Text display would be OK, but I can’t address the lines individually, and it flickers badly (badly enough that it’s only OK for a prototype for personal use; I can’t imagine showing it to an investor or outsider or even a manager). The icon-with-text would be OK, except that the icon is HUGE and uses up most of the screen. A slimmer icon or no icon would be much better for my usage.

And what I’d really love is the ability to draw on the screen – just a few lines for a spark line would be great. Failing that, what Unicode characters are supported? I could probably make a “fake” graph using things like braille characters and block-drawing character.



If the built in templates aren’t what you’re looking for, you can use the emwin library directly. The docs can be found here: