nRF52840 DK BLE example

I’m trying to set up a nRF52840 DK app using Atmosphere IoT. I verified I can program the board using the existing JLink with a drag and drop to the folder that opens up when I connect the board to a PC USB port and power it on. I used the simple DigiKey PWM Pin example as a “blinky” test to verify programming. However, I’m having no success moving on to the DigiKey example that controls LED brightness via BLE. I’m seeing no BLE advertising scanning after programming the project hex file.

Having used the Nordic nRF52840 board for other projects, it normally requires the Nordic softdevice to be programmed. Is this somehow included in the Atmosphere hex file? If not, the softdevice is programmed into low order memory and the user application is offset to load above it. The atmosphere hex file as downloaded would overwrite the softdevice without an offset.

Can anyone help clarify how this should work?

Added notes: I was able to see the BLE service created using Nordic’s nRF Connect tool and connect to it. It didn’t appear to be responding to writes to the characteristic that sets LED brightness. Atmosphere devices page does not list it in the Devices in Range.

Well, then I found that I needed to install and use the DigiKey IoT mobile app and login to it versus using the Atmosphere app. Now I see my device and can control the LED brightness from the Application.

Regards, Max

We currently are utilizing Mbed for the Nordic nRF52840 projects in Atmosphere Studio.

We have instructions in our documentation here about performing the DAPLink Firmware Update here,

which the link to

Please let us know if this helps