NXP MPL3115 element import error


Before I do any coding or dragging any elements in to my work area, but as soon I import the NXP MPL3115 element and then hit the hammer, I get this error (and obviously this is not my code, but code related to the backend - invisible to the user):
Project failed to build, see code editor for more information.

Code: wBuf[0] = dataReadyRegAddr;
Line 576: 'dataReadyRegAddr' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]

Code: if (0 == (rBuf[0] & dataReadyFlag))
Line 558: 'dataReadyFlag' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]


@XinaBox - what type of Project did you create? That sensor is included in the Rapid IoT Kit. I see that others on the Rapid IoT Kit don’t throw that error, so thanks for catching it.


@svenrichard, I created a pure “ESP32” project. We have developed a rapid IoT developing tool on the hardware side, where you simply can click the various components together without the need for any soldering, breadboarding or have any hardware knowledge. Take a look at https://xinabox.cc.

For this project I used a CW02 (ESP32) and programmed it with an IP01 (FTDI) and connected a SW03 (MPL3115A2). I have also tried with a SG33 (CCS811), but haven’t got any success yet.


@XinaBox - Thanks! I have the guys looking at your two posts. I checked out your website and I see some interesting ways we could work together. You and I should probably have a business discussion off line.


@XinaBox it turns out the ESP32 is more strict than other platforms in terms of compile errors. We have fixed this error in our nightly branch and it will be included in our next release in mid-January.

We’ve also modified our internal automated testing to catch errors like this in the future.