NXP rapid IoT kit potential improvements


my experience with the IDE is currently mostly related to the project described here

developed with the NXP instance of the IDE.

Here a list of possible improvements that I have been thinking of during the development

  • support of standard 16bit UUID BLE services (ie battery, temperature, etc, … ): this can help to connect to other standard devices. ie I was thinking of a bike computer that can read data from existing BLE cadence meter, odometer, and heart-rate sensor.
  • support of incohererent UUID for a characteristic and a service. I was not able to implement the MIDI-BLE :
    MIDI-BLE Service: 03B80E5A-EDE8-4B33-A751-6CE34EC4C700
    MIDI-BLE Characteristic: 7772E5DB-3868-4112-A1A9-F2669D106BF3
  • customizable device name: my device is called PAFB3: is there a technical reason for not letting me change it ?
  • implement an “edge node”. For instance to connect through a custom GATT profile to another embedded device (ie a second rapid IoT prototyping kit) that can be programmed through the GUI as well.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Kind Regards,



Thanks for the feedback @batman52 - most of these are on the roadmap, but are a ways out based on other priorities.
The Device name is related to the MAC address which is printed on the back of the device. This makes it easy to figure out which one is yours in large training situations, so we are keeping this the way it is.
The Edge Node is a really interesting idea, but it is not currently on the roadmap…