Platform Update v1.3.1

The v.1.3.1 version for the Atmosphere IoT Platform is here! This release introduces two new manufacturers into the mix for supported hardware within Atmosphere Studio, with the Nordic nRF52840-DK and ON Semiconductor RSL10 Sensor Development Kit now available. Both boards have complete documentation and guides in the Atmosphere Developer Hub, so check them out to get started.

We’ve also integrated some new sensors into the Studio Element Library, most notably the Sensirion SHTx and SGPx sensors. Sensirion built the support for the sensors themselves using our EEL builder tool (available on the Atmosphere GitHub), so we’re excited to get them implemented for all of our users.

Lastly, we’ve added a couple new dashboard widgets for users to display their data, with the new data gauge and data bulletin. The data gauge is an overhaul of the former data meter widget, and provides a highly customizeable gauge for displaying and measuring data. The data bulletin lists a series of datasets in a column/row format for displaying numerous values within a single widget.

If you’re interested in seeing everything included in this release, head over to the Developer Hub to see the complete release notes of v.1.3.1. And as always, be sure to update your Atmosphere mobile app and Atmosphere IoT Agent to the latest versions to take advantage of all the platform’s newest additions and improvements.