Platform Update v1.3.8

The v1.3.8 update for the Atmosphere IoT Platform has arrived! The 1.3.8 release introduces support for the BeagleBone Green and support for the complete BeagleBone Green Wireless IoT Developer Prototyping Kit, featuring sensor support for the Grove ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer, Grove Button, Grove Buzzer, Grove Light Sensor, Grove PIR Motion Sensor, Grove Rotary Angle Sensor, Grove Temperature Sensor, and Grove Variable Color LED. Be sure to check out its getting started documentation to learn how to use the BeagleBone Green on Atmosphere.

If you’re interested in seeing everything included in this release, head over to the Developer Hub to see the complete release notes of v.1.3.8 . As always, be sure to update your Atmosphere mobile app and Atmosphere IoT Agent to the latest versions to take advantage of all the platform’s newest additions and improvements.

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