PROVISIONER window: NXP Rapid IoT not found

Dear All!
Thanks for providing opportunity to interact with you all experts!
I have recently bought NXP Rapid IoT kit and I am very much excited to create my first project.
Now I am going through the instructions provided in ATMOSPHERE’s Developers help: ‘Getting Started with NXP Rapid IoT’
I have completed up to Step-6, where I have programmed the Firmware into the Rapid IoT. (After programming the LED blinking stopped, The Rapid IoT rebooted itself and it is no longer displaying as a mass storage device-> HENCE IT CONFIRMS THE PROGRAMMING IS COMPLETE!)
After rebooting the NXP Rapid IoT kit, its display is BLANK and LCD is on with backlit display
Now I want to complete the Step-7:Register the Device—>So to connect the IoT device to Atmosphere, I opened the Atmosphere IoT app on my Android mobile.
Therefore to register the IoT device, I clicked ‘+’ the Register Device Button. A PROVISIONER window opened & it started ‘searching for available devices’. Searching complete message was displayed but my NXP Rapid IoT kit was not found in the search. I have kept the IoT kit very near touching my phone, Bluetooth is on in the phone, IoT kit display is still BLANK with backlit LCD light on.
I have also tried above thing at NXP’s own Rapid IoT Studio but same issue!
Is there any other method in which I can pre-register it!
My IoT device is still BLANK with backlit LCD light on. When will it be coming to normal mode & start displaying Applications, Settings, Sensors etc? Do I need to wait till battery is discharged!
Please help!

Santosh Bhat

NXP will be releasing a new version of their mobile app with improved BLE connectivity when using an Android device. The program will start to run as soon as the device fully boots up. Did your code include any display elements? If not, nothing will appear on the screen.