Raspberry Pi CPU Temp Demo

I’d like to use a thumb-drive to put the image onto the Raspberry Pi. Is there a way to download this image onto my Dell desktop first, then transfer by USB thumb-drive later?

Reason is, I don’t know how to use SSH or VNC and trying to download directly onto my Pi4b results in intolerably slow operation, maybe because the small amount of memory on the Pi, 1G total and only about 500K free. I’m using the GUI on the Pi.

You can download the app image file from your project by pressing the “Program Firmware” button in the top left corner of your Atmosphere Studio project when looking at the “Raspberry Pi 4” tab. This file can then be copied onto your USB drive and then copied to your Pi. You just then need to open a terminal, (xterm ect.) and follow the instruction starting at step 5 in the below link.

You can follow the instruction here https://docs.atmosphereiot.com/documents/guides/gettingstartedraspberrypi.html

The AppImage format is just a binary executable program that is bundled in a portable way. You can run it from your Pi in a terminal using chmod +x Atmosphere_Project.AppImage and then ./Atmosphere_Project.AppImage

If you want to know more about AppImage files you can learn more here https://appimage.org/

Thank you very much Kieron. . . I have a lot to learn and I’m working on it.


Provisioning Failed…
Check your internet connection and your device limit…

Was able to move file to the Pi4b, convert it to executable and run it. However, I keep getting the above error. The internet connection seems fine. I can explore random sites and I have only one project. Please help.

Hello… I had a NanoPi essentially dissolve on me 2 years prior so took in the exercise.

I was unable to get the Pimoroni fanshim so got the heatsink. Its about 65C with that.

I have an extra 30mm fan some place I have to crease appropriate pins for tomorrow. I am speculating that will help.

By and large the vast majority of the SBCs quicker than the Pi3B+ either accompanied heatsink (and in some cases fan) or offered them as an alternative. Amazed the heatsink wasn’t all the more firmly suggested as it will get hot.