Register ESP32 DevKitC

Hi ,
I create a new project using ESP32 and download the project to target hardware.
The ESP32 is advertising and I can see a device named ESP32.
Now I am trying to register a new device but the device is not found.
IoT agent is installed .The OS is windows 10 and browser is chrome.
Am I missing a step or am I bugged?

If you are trying to connect to the device through your web browser that is not going to work. You will need to use the mobile app to provision the device over BLE.

We are planning on enabling the Bluetooth support via the client agent but it’s still not fully tested so it’s currently disabled. In the next release we’ll make sure to hide the provision device button if there is no available way to communicate to any devices.

@mtuxpe - it sounds like you opened Devices (the box icon on the left) in the App and then Available Devices (the box with the + sign in the upper right) to provision the new device. When you say you can see the ESP32 Device, do you mean on your phone’s BT app, or in the Provisioner/Available Devices page on the app?

Thanks for reply kieron.
I installed athmosfere iot on android mobile.
Unfortunately I can’t register the device even on android.
No available devices after search complete.

Hi svenrichard,
I mean on nordic nrfconnect android application.
See attached screenshot

I also tried to connect on the esp32 but does not complete the connection.

It doesn’t look like it’s running the actual code from Atmosphere IoT. I would expect the local name to be “PF546” (P stands for it’s waiting for provisioning and the next 4 characters are the last 4 digits to the mac address in hex). So I would check to make sure that it programmed completely. Could you tell me about the steps you went through? Did you get an errors during programming?

I would make sure to rebuild your project and then reprogram the ESP32 and see if that does the trick. Also set the Serial Port Speed option to the lowest setting as some ESP32 development kits don’t handle the faster speeds as well.

Hi Kieron,
You are right .The project was not flashed on ESP32.
After clicking on program firmware icon a zip file is generated.
Problably on beta version I need to flash the files manually.
The zip has 3 files:
atmosphere-project.bin,partitions.bin and bootloader.bin
Just need instructions of how to flash each file.

If you are running the Atmosphere Client Agent you should be prompted by a dialog in your web browser to program the board. If the Atmosphere Client Agent isn’t running (or for some reason not detected) then you end up just getting the firmware in a zip.

Make sure you have install the Atmosphere Client Agent and that it’s running, then refresh the page and try clicking the program button again. You should then get a dialog that pops up asking for the serial port the ESP32 is connected on and the programming speed.

Also check out this document

@mtuxpe - The Agent must be running before you open Atmosphere for it to be properly recognized - that’s why Kieron suggested you refresh the page . That will cause Atmosphere to recognize the Agent and give you the dialog to pick the COM port and program the board. Let us know if that works for you.

I reinstalled IoT agent,reboot my computer and reload browser.
After click on program firmware a zip file is generated.
My esp32 serial port is active.
Trying https://localhost:50287/ shows connection refused
On control panel Atmosphere IoT is installed.

@mtuxpe - check the tray to be sure the Agent is also running (you should see the little cloud icon), not just installed. Then refresh your Atmosphere page.

Hi svenRichard and kieron,
I remove agent, clear register and reinstall again.I can see the agent cloud icon.
I moved to firefox and replace the devkitc.
Now program flash is running.After programming complete message I checked and not found “PFxx” device.The new hardware is not original DevkitC but esp32 LoRa heltec.
I wiil buy new DevKitC. Meanwhile you can send me any esp32 project just to check if my hardware is ok.Thanks for help