RSL10 can not add device through Atmosphere IoT app

Hi everyone,
I am on Windows 10 and chrome. I can successfully program the RSL10. I have tried the J-Link RTT viewer and data is flowing fine. I can even see the RSL10 in the bluetooth app of my phone (PC060). The problem is that when I try to add device from the app or Studio no device is shown. The App detects no devices. Why this is happening ?

Additionally the Atmosphere IoT app gives me an error stating that it “Failed to load dashboard configurations”. Is this because I have no device registered?

Well this is very disappointing. Anyway I figured out the problem myself. The android application is not working in some phones. It miserably failed to even load dashboard in my Xiaomi redmi note 8 but worked smoothly in Xiaomi Mi4. So anybody facing the same problem can try changing their phones.


Can you verify that you’ve got the latest version of the Atmosphere App on your Redmi Node 8? At the time you posted your issue, we were in the midst of releasing a major version update to our platform, so my concern is that the issue could have been an incompatibility there.

Please try with the latest version from the Google Play store, and let me know if it still doesn’t work.


Hi Nick,
Thanks, updating solved the issue. I am very glad I can use the app from my primary device.

N.B:- I am doing a youtube video of Atmosphere and I was about to say ‘Everything is good except the community support’. Thanks you replied.