Sending Data Buffer to the cloud

Is it possible to save a data set to a buffer or table and upon trigger the data buffer is sent to the cloud.

@GusM - The Mobile app and Cloud both have buffer elements. Can you be a little more specific about the goal of using the buffer?

It probably won’t change the answer, but the platform you are using would also be helpful and if you have an .atmo file, those go a long ways to help troubleshoot.

** The scenario: A battery operated device records temperatures every hour. To avoid draining the battery the radio ( Wifi or Bluetooth ) transmits all data every 24hrs. Can a buffer of data be captured in the embedded tab and sent periodically? Also can a Radio be placed in a low power?**

Hi Gus,

We don’t currently support Low Power modes on our dev kits. You can emulate store and forward using a Function element with a static array inside. Once the array is full, your function element can forward the data to the cloud. It will take a little bit of C, but it’s possible.