Sparkfun Thing Plus Unable to register

Hello: I’ve been able to program my Thing Plus ESP32 and get it blinking an LED. But no joy when I try to register it. Do I need to have turned on BLE in an app? Is it possible to register it via WiFi or must I still do BLE first. I have it plugged in via USB and that also should work for registering, since it worked for programming?

@Electricphred - You can provision the device via UART, even if it is just a Blinky program. There isn’t much point, other than to get it to work. It should also work with the Mobile app, even an empty project. You set up the WiFi access in the provisioning process, so you can’t use WiFi to provision a device.

I just verified that I could program my Huzzah 32 Feather and my ESP32 Thing with a Blinky and provision using both USB/UART and BLE via the Mobile app.

The Thing Plus is not officially supported, but typically they keep the connections the same, so let us know if it doesn’t work.


Thanks. I did get the Thing Plus programmed and blinking. But when I try to register it using the Atmosphere Studio with the agent running, it isn’t found. This is with a known working USB/UART connection since I just programmed it.

Also unable to register it with a mobile app— my iPad. Programming was done via Mac with current OS.


What type of project did you create? The regular ESP32 Thing has an alternate clock speed, but I don’t believe the Thing Plus does. If you haven’t already, try creating a blinky with a regular ESP32 project, not an ESP32 Thing project.

If you use a project for an ESP32 variant with the wrong clock speed, things will work but not fully.


OK now I own a Huzzah32 which was detected like a charm, so this is a ThingPlus issue and not an electricphred or his environment issue.