Standalone Android App for Commercial Customer

Is it possible to build a standalone Android apk app for customers ?

If I buy Atmosphere IoT Business plan for development and want to make small scale solutions, can I get a standalone app in apk file to give to the customers ?

Now, the custom ‘IoT app’ resides inside the default Atmosphere IoT app, how can I get a separate app ? Is it even possible ?

It is also possible to have ‘read only’ dashboard access for my customers ?

@RSL10 - It is possible, but requires a white label instance, not just a business plan.
And yes you can set access levels to the dashboards, so you could make it read only for customers.
Please use the Contact page for more information. -

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Thanks for replying !

What is “white label instance”? Couldn’t find any reference , is it available on Profession account ?

That is part of an Enterprise engagement -
Basically we brand the cloud instance to the customer, so their customers see only their branding.

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