Trouble programming ESP32 DevkitC

I’m getting acquainted with the new interface. Started by following the "Getting Started with ESP32 instructions to make a project. Everything went well and I got the ADC values as expected. The next day I tried to setup the project again and could not connect to the ESP32 from the app by adding a new device. No devices show up. I have tried everything I could think of including removing and reinstalling all software and double checking the port. Still nothing. I did use the ESP32-IDF to verify the ESP32 is still functioning but of course the simple “Hello World” example program doesn’t use BLE just serial data.
Anyone have a suggestion?

@RMH - we are currently on version 1.0.9. That update happened about a week ago. Not knowing when you started all of this, that could be part of the issue you are seeing. When you click on the little “box” icon in the top left hamburger menu in the app, you see no devices, correct? I just had to update my app, I was on an older version. After updating, I am able to run my older devices. You didn’t switch back to the old app?

The suggested approach is to rebuild the project and reprogram the device. Thanks

I updated the app, removed the IOT agent, hard booted, reinstalled, reprogrammed and no go. Closed and reopened the browser and then it worked. Not sure which was the magic bullet but it works now.