U-blox nina b302 (nrf52840)

Sir, first of all, congratulations about Atmosphere!

I created a simple project

It´s running! I can make a LED blink each 1 second and control a second LED using GATT (APP MOBILE).

I can scan it using the PC…(WINDOWS BLE SCAN) and APP MOBILE

But, when i try SCAN DEVICES (AGENT)

Not find it! I have here

can you help me ?


btw, here is the beginning of my blog

Can you verify why the PC scan (BLE) does not find it ?

We don’t have support for the desktop app to provision over BLE yet. This feature is only available on the mobile app version of Atmosphere IoT. You should be able to provision on the desktop via a direct USB connection while you have the Atmosphere IoT Client Agent running.

Thank you so much!
Blog Update and APP MOBILE now is working :slight_smile:

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