UART and BLE support


(Rapid IoT device)

- How do I use the EmbeddedUART element in the Embedded view of the Web UI to connect to say my laptop or a R.Pi?

I am talking about this component : |84x75

All I want to do is to send serial messages to a console. Is that possible? Is there an example WebUI project that utilizes this element? What are the the Baud settings? etc.

I would expect that the USB Cable to the Laptop would be a tty device I could use for serial access.
Do I need to have a docking station in order to receive UART serial logs?

- Does this device support serial over Bluetooth to a device other than the mobile app? like for example a Raspberry PI.

If so, how do I enable and use it? Is there an example I could follow to do that?

Thank you.


@frakman1 - I’d recommend using the DebugPrint Element. There is an Example Project for you to get started.


Thank you. I’ve already seen and opened this project but it is not clear where this debug output goes. The description reads:

This example demonstrates the usage of the Debug Print Element by displaying temperature data on the UART Console of the NXP Rapid IoT Development Kit .

Where exactly is the console and how do I access it? I don’t see anything in the guide about a console on NXP Studio.


Currently that Debug goes to the USB connector on the Docking Station. There is a JIRA ticket to send the Debug to the USB on the Rapid IoT Kit itself. It is marked for release 1.2.3, which is the next release. We are starting the testing procedure this week, so far, so good.


There is a JIRA ticket to send the Debug to the USB on the Rapid IoT Kit itself. It is marked for release 1.2.3, which is the next release.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Can’t wait to use this!
(Obviously, I don’t have a Docking Station)


@frakman1 - 1.2.3 has been released for Atmosphere, so the Serial Debug is available on the Rapid IoT Kit USB connection now.


Thank you for letting me know. I don’t understand how I can receive this output though.

I opened the ‘Debug Print Demo’ project, compiled and ran it on my Rapid IoT device. Now what? The Rapid IoT is connected to my Mac via USB cable but I don’t see a new /dev/tty* serial device on my Mac like I would if I plugged in a USB TTL-232R cable that I use to get serial logs from other devices.

What am I missing? Do I need a special driver?


@frakman1 - no special drivers necessary. I’m about to post a .atmo file in the demo section. It was for the Sigfox Click video we made, but I just used it with my Rapid IoT Kit hooked up to TeraTerm on my PC and it all just worked. 115200 Baud.


I am using the NXP studio page to open “Debug Print Demo” Is that the wrong IDE?


Rapid IoT hasn’t approved the update yet, they will have it by next week. You will need to build it on your Atmosphere account for the time being.


Understood. Thank you for clarifying.


Did you post the example? I just tried using the Debug Print Element with Atmosphere Studio and I don’t see a Com port on my PC associated with the Rapid IoT.

Also, how do you determine what version of the Studio IDE is running? I don’t see it listed anywhere.


@ralphjy - The version isn’t shown in the studio - I just CtrlF5 to refresh, then you know you are on the latest version. My projects that have Debug Print in them all just worked.There is a chance I may have a driver from the Docking Station that helped with that. Did your Debug projects work on Rapid IoT Studio?
PC/Linux or Mac?


No, debug projects don’t work in Rapid IoT either. I am using Win10 on a PC.

Ok, I got it working. I had to install the mbedWinSerial driver. It’s really hard to find stuff on the website.

Thanks for the info.