Unable to reprogram the Rapid IoT kit

Hello everybody,

I’m just started with the Rapid IoT to see if I could workout my ideas about the IoT.
To start learning I try the demo “Blinking an led”. Everything worked properly.
Then I tried a more complex demo like “Rapid IoT Out-of-Box”.
Everything worked properly untill I had to load the demo into the Rapid IoT kit.
I keep getting the message “there is insufficient disk space available on the usb station”.
I thought the previous loaded demo was the problem, so it must be erased first before loading a new one. But looking into the explorer on my laptop I see the USB station (E) is empty, while the “Blinking an Led” demo is still working and also reloading a new project is still impossible. Reset the Rapid IoT kit is not a solution.
Is there anyone who has a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance