Web I/O Element



I try to send http post message via Web I / O Element to my web service. I can’t see any messages in my service side.

However this service response to me when I send Http post -message with Postman application (post / json message).

Does anyone have experience using the Web I / O Element?



Dear lami,

Please send me an export of your Atmosphere Project .atmo file. I will take a look and see what may need to be changed. Thanks!


Alternatively, let me know what elements are leading into your Web I/O element.

And the triggers and properties that are set for the element.

Kind regards



I have been using NXP Rapid Prototyping Kit IoT development platform, and I have tested Android and iPhone - phones. In either environment, the message has not send to the my services. With PostMan i can use my services.


Thank you

br Mika

pe 14. jouluk. 2018 klo 23.49 aenany-atmosphereiot (atmosphereiot@discoursemail.com) kirjoitti:

(Attachment Example.bin is missing)


@lami - it looks like you tried to attach a .bin file. We need the .atmo file. Instructions are in the Developer Hub and in our Introduction Videos - https://youtu.be/sQjyUQBHK4U


I don’t think it is possible to upload anything other than images in this forum. When I try and drag a .atmo file, I get this popup:

I too would like to trigger http POST messages in my project. Are there any examples projects with this functionality working I could copy?