Web I/O Element


I can’t get the POST function to work either. I don’t even get a response on my Response/Error labels.


@ae-atmosphereiot I took your WebIO example project and changed the URL to my IFTTT maker applet URL. The Get button works and I get a response. However, the POST button did not work and I got no response. Even the two labels don’t update which is weird.

Are you sure the POST example works?


Hi @frakman1, There was actually a bug we filed for the WebIO element regarding POST requests that we caught while creating the example project, we have patched this issue and it should be available with the next release to the Atmosphere Platform. (platform.atmosphereiot.com) The above example should work when that release is made available.

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Do you know when this fix will be available?


The WebIO POST fix is in the 1.2.4 release, slated for early March.


That’s too late.
Hackster.io has a Rapid IoT competition that ends in February that uses this platform. If the platform is defective, this will hold up and jeopardise all projects using this feature.