Welcome to Atmosphere IoT!


Welcome to the Atmosphere IoT forums! We’re excited to have you here and hope you find these boards as a helpful resource. As you navigate through the new Atmosphere IoT Platform, we encourage you to post questions, comments, and insights on using the platform.

Before you get started, please read over a few notes regarding the using the forum:

  • Be patient when looking for help or feedback. Either an Atmosphere team member or knowledgeable community member will get to your question in time.
  • Prior to asking a question, search the forum before posting to see if anyone else has asked it first. It’s possible an answer to your question already exists.
  • Try to stay on topic within a thread. If your post would stray the discussion too far off-topic, it may be better to post a new topic rather than sidetrack an existing one.
  • Lastly, be patient with seeing proposed platform fixes and improvements. The platform and documentation are in active development and things will change over time, but we’ll do our best to accommodate feedback and make improvements where we can. Likewise, we’ll let you know when we’ve incorporated notable changes and additions.

To get started, sign up for a forum account! Just note that your forum account is separate from your platform account.