Why each item in Atmosphere has only one triggers?


Hi Everyone,

I just start to use Atmosphere, and get a little confused now.
So why does the items in Atmosphere have only one triggers? For example, the touch button item will have 4 directions, and I want to set different actions for different directions. But right now, the touch button item only allows me to set one direction as the triggers.

Do it means that I need to add 4 touch button items, one for each direction?
The problem is also true for other items.

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OK, I just understand how it works. The “triggers” is actually a list of trigger that you can set for the item. And you can set actions for each trigger when choosing the particular trigger in the “triggers” list.

I think maybe it’s better to have an option to show all the triggers and the actions associated to it in one chat, so it will be more easy to understand the structure for new users.

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I had the exact same question and originally had four separate Touch Button elements, each with one trigger to the Page Controller (X pressed -> Navigate X).

I agree that the interface would benefit from a change but am unsure what the best solution would be.