Xenon Particle is now in the Atmosphere!

Xenon Particle is now in the Atmosphere - no kidding !

Xenon is a Bluetooth mesh board from Particle but the hardware is open source.
It is essentially an nRF52840 development board. Recently Particle decided to discontinue Xenon support because ‘Mesh’ turned into unmanageable ‘Mess’ for them.

I thought it might work here and I am so glad that it works with Atmosphere IoT as an nRF52840 board, I tried few features like ADC/PWM/GPIO and Bluetooth Connectivity - all worked. :star_struck:

Here is the pin mapping to use Xenon boards on Atmosphere IoT

All you need is a CMSIS-DAPLink Programmer to program it. Compile your firmware on Atmosphere Studio and download the hex file, then drag and drop into DAPLINK (will appear as a mass storage device), while keeping the XENON connected to DAPLink with a JTAG cable to flash (transfer) the code.

I tried some demo examples from here:

Thanks to Atmosphere Team for adding nRF52840 support !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Disclaimer : Xenon is not an officially supported board by Atmosphere Team, but the chip on this board nRF52840 is supported, so don’t blame them if something breaks. I am just sharing my discovery here in this forum hoping that it might be helpful to others. This information is only for personal DIY IoT experiments with Atmosphere IoT.


As @RSL10 points out, this kit isn’t officially supported, but as users have found before, variants of supported kits (same chip, different board) can often be used directly, or the pins can be modified to work.
Thanks @RSL10!!


Terrific stuff, thanks for sharing @RSL10 !

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